Every well-run chamber of commerce has an annual calendar that is full of events and activities. These events help the chamber to bring its members together and help them achieve their business targets. It allows the business chamber to communicate with its members and listen to their feedback and suggestions. Some of the events that are universally standard in chambers of commerce include.

Networking Meetings

These are events held specifically to allow members of the business chamber to meet and network. The opportunity to network is why most members join the chamber in the first place. These meetings are usually held in a semi-casual setting that allows members to freely mingle. On average, most chambers of commerce have networking meetings at least once every two months.

Seminars and Training Programs

Chambers of commerce show their value to members by facilitating their growth and development. One of the ways they achieve this is through the seminars and training programs they host. The chamber will usually invite expert guest speakers to run seminars on their areas of expertise. Typical areas covered by seminars include entrepreneurship, human resource management, as well as the legal and regulatory framework that governs them. Training programs are a more formal affair, usually lasting several weeks (even months) with successful attendants getting certification.

Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are organised to enable the members of a chamber of commerce directly engage the community. Fairs can either be themed on particular industries, or they can be open to all willing participants. Trade fairs allow members to give their business exposure in the local market. They get to interact directly with their clients to gain important insights into their needs and preferences.

Award Galas

Most chambers of commerce host annual galas to recognise members who have achieved excellence in their fields. Most of the chamber recognise businesses that add value to the local economy and community. The awards not only motivate members to achieve excellence, but they also serve as a promotional tool for the awardees. This is because most chambers will invite members of the local press to cover the events. As with any other chamber of commerce event, they also provide an opportunity to network.

New Member Induction Meetings

Most business chambers have new members registering regularly. Most chambers hold meetings every quarter to introduce new members to the rest of the organisation. This allows them to familiarise themselves with the group, and become familiar with the chamber’s activities and the role they are expected to play.